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V1 Rio Di Casa Nobili
SchH3 Kkl1 "a" fast normal

Rio is the Grandson of 2002 Italian Sieger VA Don Di Casa Nobili (best progeny group 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004).

Rio's father had the 2nd best progeny group at the 2004 Italian Sieger Show (Rio was part of that group), and the best progeny group in 2005.

We are extremely proud and excited to have Rio in the United States. He is currently the only dog in America imported directly from the Casa Nobili kennel located in Italy. Rio offers a very special bloodline to his puppies. He brings with him an alternate bloodline through his father line, proven to produce outstanding progeny. Casa Nobili is not only the number one kennel in Italy, but also the most highly respected and successful. More specifically, his father and grandfather have contributed greatly to the success of many of the dogs in Italy, through their progeny, for many years. Rio produced two beautiful puppies in Italy, and both have already begun carrying on the winning tradition there and in Germany. 

Along with his flawless movement in the show ring, Rio has exceptional drive and solid bite work on the Schutzhund field. Rio also possesses beautiful structure, and phenomenal character. He has gorgeous red color, and a very striking black mask. Although Rio is naturally protective, he is also a clown. He enjoys playing fetch in the yard, and loves being the center of attention. Rio is always happy to meet new people and drop a toy in their hand, hoping to make a friend. Rio is adored by our family and we feel fortunate to have such a wonderful dog. 

Rio is available for stud to approved females
DNA on file with AKC 

Sire: VA Kuoll Di Casa Nobili SchH3 (son of VA Don Di Casa Nobili - 2002 Italian Sieger )
Dam: V Banja von der Kleinen Birke SchH1
(daughter of VA Esko vom Danischen Hof SchH3)

RIO's Show placements
4th (6-9 month) (Musolino) Napoli Centro Aversa (CE) Italy 7 March 2004 SG4 (18-24 month) 2005 USA SIEGER SHOW
1st (9-12 month) (Musolino) Sciacca (AG) Italy 21 March 2004 SG1 (18-24 month) Young Dog Sieger 2005 Rocky Mountain-Great Plains REGIONAL Conformation Show
1st (9-12 month) (Paffoni) Italy
4 April 2004
V3 Working Class Males (Ernst Seifert) Zuchtschau Gundelsheim, Germany 31 July 2005 
3rd (9-12 month) (R. Brauch) Mannheim, Germany 23 May 2004 V2 Working Class Males (Helmut Konig) Colorado Alpine Schutzhund Club Conformation Show 25 June 2006
SG4 (12-18 month) 2004 ITALIAN SIEGER SHOW V1 Working Class Males (Johann Zizsler) Colorado Alpine Schutzhund Club Conformation Show 16 September 2007

See more of Rio in the Photo Gallery!

We are very proud of Rio's progeny.

Bania Di Casa Nobili
1st place (6-9 month) (P. Ravida) Costa Gaia Trapani, Italy 10 April 2005
1st place (6-9 month) (D. Pastori) Centro Sicilia Enna, Italy 15 May 2005 
Bobo Di Casa Nobili 
1st place (9-12 month) (Woerner) Zuchtschau Uhingen, Germany 14 August 2005
3rd place (9-12 month) (Rudolph Andreas) S.A.S. Vallecrati, Italy 21 August 2005



SG1 Margman Othello
SchH3, Kkl1
"a" normal hips and elbows
DOB May 6, 2006

Othello's grandfather is probably the most highly recognizable sable German Shepherd in history: VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten. Timo was shown several times at the Sieger Show in Germany, and earned VA6 in 1998, VA4 in 1999, and VA2 in both 2000 and 2001.

Othello's father is 5 time VA (Baltic States and Russia) Margman Torsten, currently the most successful sable German Shepherd in the world. His progeny have been consistently impressive in temperament, conformation, and working ability, out of a variety of females.

Othello's mother line offers a more traditional black and red bloodline, going back to VA1 Rikkor von Bad Boll, VA1 (DK) Volvoro von Arminius, and VA2 Kelly von Arminius.

Before moving in with his Von Scotlynburgh family, Othello lived in Estonia where he began his show career, earning 1st and 2nd place ribbons, including VV2 at the BALTIC SIEGER Show. We hope to continue on with his early success, despite the disadvantage his sable color will certainly bring with him into the show ring. We welcome the challenge and eagerly look forward to having fun introducing Othello to America.

Initially Othello captured our hearts (and eyes) in photos, but after meeting him, I was immediately smitten. His solid character is equally complimented by his striking physical presence. He is intelligent and protective, friendly and silly, energetic and playful, loyal and loving, yet also surprisingly gentle and serious. Othello has a super temperament and enjoys sharing kisses with everyone he meets. Othello's deep red color is eye-catching, and his dark black mask and expression are exquisite. He is clearly masculine, possessing a strong head and substantial bone, even at a young age. We adore Othello and look forward to a bright future with him, and eventually hope his progeny will follow his father's and grandfather's legacy. Othello is an extraordinary dog, and we are delighted to have imported him.

Sire: VA Margman Torsten SchH2 (son of VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten SchH3)
(Baltic Sieger Show) Fest Kiefer Ully (granddaughter of VA1 Volvoro von Arminius SchH3)




Othello's breed survey for 2009/2010 was done in Germany, under SV Judge Ernst Seifert. He made note in section V (Special Attributes) on his report stating "Expressive overall appearance with very good angulation". In section VI (Breeding Recommendations) Mr. Seifert added "Recommended to improve the overall anatomy". 

Othello is available for stud to approved females. DNA on file with AKC.


OTHELLO's Show placements
VV1 (4-6 month) (Rene Ruden) Tartu, Estonia 9 September 2006 SG1 (12-18 month) (Johann Zizsler) Colorado Alpine Schutzhund Club Conformation Show 16 September 2007
VV2 (4-6 month) 2006 BALTIC SIEGER SHOW, 7 October (SV Judge Reinhardt Meyer) Ozolnieki, Latvia SG11 (12-18 month) 2007 GSDCA-WDA NORTH AMERICAN SIEGER SHOW

See more of Othello in the Photo Gallery!


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